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Exploring Hongkong: Disneyland!

This place is indeed the happiest place on Earth! I was smiling ear to ear the moment I stepped on the floor of Disneyland. This is my childhood dream and it finally came true! Until now, I still can't believe I have experienced this magical place. The feeling is totally insane! 
We went there at Valentine's Day and it's a double celebration for me and Paul (my boyfriend) because this is also my post-birthday celebration and his birthday gift to me. Sweet, eh? 
From our hotel which is located at Tsim Sha Tsui, we rode a subway train/MTR going to Disneyland. I'm glad that our hotel is just infront of the subway station; we don't need to do a lot of walking. Subway train ticket price per pax is 13.5HKD = 84PHP. Travel time is approx. 20-25mins.

Here's the HK MTR map for travel reference. It's just easy to go around places in HK because of the subway trains plus you can reach your destinations for only few minutes.

Yay! Lemme do a pose at the oh-so-popular sp…

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