Exploring Hongkong: Disneyland!

This place is indeed the happiest place on Earth! I was smiling ear to ear the moment I stepped on the floor of Disneyland. This is my childhood dream and it finally came true! Until now, I still can't believe I have experienced this magical place. The feeling is totally insane! 

We went there at Valentine's Day and it's a double celebration for me and Paul (my boyfriend) because this is also my post-birthday celebration and his birthday gift to me. Sweet, eh? 

From our hotel which is located at Tsim Sha Tsui, we rode a subway train/MTR going to Disneyland. I'm glad that our hotel is just infront of the subway station; we don't need to do a lot of walking. Subway train ticket price per pax is 13.5HKD = 84PHP. Travel time is approx. 20-25mins.

Here's the HK MTR map for travel reference. It's just easy to go around places in HK because of the subway trains plus you can reach your destinations for only few minutes.

Yay! Lemme do a pose at the oh-so-popular spot of Disneyland. Expect a lot of photobombers in your pictures when you're here. Ha-ha

Ticket price in Disneyland ( day tour) is 589HKD = 3669PHP per pax.

Do not bring sharp objects or deadly weapon otherwise it will be confiscated. You can leave your heavy baggage at the baggage counter near the entrance. Food is not allowed inside but we brought some small chocolates. Haha. Also, selfie stick is not allowed inside the buildings( prohibited inside the buildings only, you can use selfie stick when walking around Disneyland ).

Be sure to get the map so you can explore Disneyland well.

Building structures here are so cute and all instagram worthy backgrounds!

We rode the train so we can have a better view of the park and to figure out where the attractions are located. I suggest ride the train first before going to the theme park rides or entertainment buildings.

Can't get enough of this spot. Haha
Where to go next? *pose*
 Look at this cute stuff here.

📍 Iron Man Experience

We went to Iron Man Experience ( the new attraction ) and boarded the Expo Edition Iron Wing where you will be jarvis for a few minutes! As in jarvis! Which includes flying over the skyline of Hongkong with Iron Man and fighting Hydra elements while wearing the Iron Man Suit, but of course not an actual suit because we were only wearing StarkVision glasses and watching 3D action of Iron Man while the chair moves in accordance with the motion/action of the show. It was really fun experience! 
StarkVision Glasses. 
Wearing this will give you the chance to see what Iron Man sees while wearing his suit.

📍Disney Castle

I took the chance to have a picture with the Castle while there is no photobomber.

📍 Small World

Another fun and exciting attraction here is the Small World! You will see a lot of cute dolls singing and portraying Disney characters and showcasing countries culture. Make sure to bring the kids here and the kids at heart like me cause they will surely enjoy it!

📍 Cinderella Carousel

Sadly, we were not able to watch the Flight of Fantasy Parade  because we were watching Iron Man. It's really heartbreaking. So I really REALLY suggest to free your time around 3pm when you're here and wait for the parade.

📍 Philhar of Magic

Philhar of Magic! Another 3D show of mickey mouse and friends!

📍 Toy Story Land

Let's go now to Toy Story Land! It's a new attraction here and a lot of people is in line for the RC Racer ride so we took the chance to experience it because why not? Haha. Paul and I are extreme ride lovers and both adventure seekers.

The ride is awesome!

📍 Mystic Manor

  Next is my favorite! Mystic Manor. I really really really (that's a lot of really) so let's say totally love this ride. It's so magical and I can't exactly explain the feeling. It's an antique house with antique collectibles from every side of the world. You will ride a mini cart like seat and it will bring you to magical places that come alive. I really can't explain it well guys, just try it for you to find out.

📍 The Grizzly Gluch

The Grizzly Gluch! This is Paul's favorite and I love it too. It's an extreme ride under a mine camp. Sadly, we didn't had the chance to take pictures because it's already dark.

📍 "Disney Paint the Night"  Night time Spectacular

Since we missed the Flight of Fantasy Parade, we made sure that we will catch the night parade no matter what. Haha. It's around 7:30pm. At least my heart pain lessen a bit from missing the afternoon parade.

📍 "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks

And finally! Your Disnyeland adventure is not complete without witnessing the fireworks display! Yay! I think this is the most awaited and most popular attraction here in Disneyland. It feels like it's an end of a fairytale with a happy ending. It's a happy ever after indeed.

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