Exploring Hongkong: The Peak and Night Lights

We wanted to have a full blast of our first day in Hongkong even though we didn't have much sleep. We decided to go to The Peak - one of the popular tourist spots where you can see Hongkong up high.

   We rode a double-decker Bus Route no. 15 from Central Pier to The Peak which cost us around 10HKD = 62PHP per pax. Schedule of bus trips is from 10:15am to 12:5am from Central. Travel time is approx. 40-50mins. Be sure to have your coins ready,  otherwise they will not give back your change.

 We got there at sunset and it was all perfect for instagram and blog worthy pictures! I was really amazed with what I have witnessed. The view is really perfect and I'm so happy we came here even if our mind and body told us not to. It was all worth it! Don't leave hongkong without visiting this place!

📍 The Peak, Hongkong

You can take your prenup style photos here  *wink* but make sure to visit at sunset so you can take good pictures. That's my boyfie out there. 

We also had our wish written and hanged on a Wish Tree at The Peak Mall. I'm a bit sneaky so I have seen that a lot of people from different countries have written their wishes there. 

Wishin' for good health and prosperity

You can write your wish on a leaf shaped paper. 

So now, let's go to my favorite part of our Hongkong tour Day 1 - Night Lights! 
From the peak, we came back to Central to witness the night lights in Tsim Sha Tsui. Rode the Bus Route No. 15 from the Peak - 9.80HKD to Central. Schedule of bus trips is from 9:10am to 1:00am.

We didn't have the opportunity to watch the symphony of lights for some reasons. However, witnessing night lights is already an awesome experience for us. 

📍 Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong

Captured this while riding a ferry. Breathtaking view, right?

Next blog post is about Disneyland! Stay tuned!

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