Styling a Flowy Floral Dress for Spring

It's Spring time and it's time to get those floral dresses out! Yay!

I love wearing flowy dresses because it can instantly hide your flabs and gives you confidence without suffering from stomach-in-to-look-fit after eating a lot when you're in a party.  Haha.

Choose a flowy dress depending on your height. If you are blessed with height, well you can wear maxi flowy dresses, but if you're not too tall, I recommend wearing above the knee dresses to look tall like what I did in this post.

 Let's do it fierce this time!

So here's the trick of wearing above the knee flowy dresses, you'll look 3 feet taller than your actual height. ;)

Don't forget to wear a stylish belt to look chic and fab. :)

Dress: Online Store
Belt: SM Dept Store
Shoes: SM Dept Store
Watch: Casio

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